"just like to say thankyou for looking after sammy for us we know we can always go away and not worry about her because she’s in safe hands thankyou again x" "Thank you as always of taking such good care of our cat Wispa. She settles down straight away when she gets home with no anxiety at all. It shows how well you look after her!!"


At Naptha Boarding we believe that there are 4 key ingredients to a successful stay in kennels:


Whether it’s a gentle walk on a lead, a quiet sniff around or a fast gallop around the field in the company of other dogs we will give your dog whatever suits him best.

Socailising with other dogs generally takes the stress out of kennel life. If your dog is social with other dogs, we actively encourage him to exercise with other dogs of similar size and temperament. It’s not for every dog and we will carefully assess each dog to make sure that they are social, are matched with other suitable dogs and are getting benefit from the session. Regardless of the type of exercise, we will exercise your dog for 30 minutes twice a day, whatever the weather!


Maintaining a feeding routine similar to your own is another essential step in minimising stress in the kennels. As standard we feed a hypoallergenic dry complete food but we also stock a wide range of branded dog food so that your dog can continue eating food that it is used to. If your dog has a special diet, whether it be a prescription diet from the vets or RAW food, we are happy for you to supply their food and will feed as per your instruction.


With lots going on all day in the kennels, it is important that we give your dog time to relax. Following each exercise session, he will get a couple of hours relaxation in this individual kennel listening to music, enjoying a chew or just sleeping.

Human contact

The biggest worry when leaving your dog is that he will miss you and of course he will but we will be a temporary replacement. With 4 dedicated members of staff, your dog will get plenty of individual attention. We all love hands on time giving your dog a cuddle or a bit of grooming, whatever makes them feel content.


If your dog is taking long-term medication or is unwell when he is due to come into the kennels we are still happy to look after him as long as the condition is not contagious. We will administer any medication as required and keep in regular contact if you require updates on his progress

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